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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 14, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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injured. we have learned that the two girls are sisters and we have just learned that the woman is possibly their aunt but definitely not their mother. a car driving west around bluefield drive around 3:30 this afternoon hit this family as they were crossing the street. one of the children died at the scene. the 2 year old and the woman are at the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the driver who hit them stopped. she is at police head quarters talking to investigators. at this point it does not appear alcohol and drugs are factors. as for speed that is something we still have to ask the police. that is the latest here with breaking news in san jose, george kiriyama. >> thank you, george. we are following a story on a school bus. a fight on the bus led to a 16 year old being stabbed. he has been taken to the
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hospital. another 16 year old is being booked into juvenile hall. they are both students at independence high school. this happened on morrill and berryessa avenue. the area is blocked off. firefighters are investigating a deadly house fire. i want to show you a live look. this is a home east of 680. the fire broke out just after 3:15 this afternoon. firefighters quickly got it under control 25 minutes later and they were able to get inside. >> peoplecsúp exited the buildi and they directed crews to the upstairs portion of the home. crews went inside and found a patient, extricated him. >> the victim found inside the home was pronounced dead at the scene. a firefighter was injured and taken to the hospital but is expected to be all right. we will give you more information. new details on the search
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for a missing 9-year-old girl who has autism. she vanished while playing at a vacation home in clearlake. today the search for that san francisco girl has intensified after search and rescue crews got their hand on surveillance tape. jodi hernandez joins us live from the command center in clearlake. >> reporter: late last night investigators retrieved some home surveillance video showing the little girl running down the street on sunday. she had taken off her clothes which we were told was typical when she got hot that is what she would do. we are not going to show you the images but the video seems to have brought a new sense of urgency to the search. >> we all love her and we want her back. >> reporter: mikala lynch's godfather says the family is not about to give up hope.
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she has autism and cannot verbally communicate has been missing since sunday afternoon when her brother left the gate to the vacation home open. >> we hope we find her curled up in a nook somewhere and safe. that is everybody's hope. that is why there are hundreds of people doing what they are doing. >> reporter: investigators have surveillance images taken from a neighbor's home that show the girl running down the street shortly before her parents called police. we are not showing the images at the request of the family because she isn't wearing clothing. >> it is the last known location of the child in the direction of travel so we are able to focus our attention to that search area and direct our resources in that direction. >> reporter: search and rescue teams are scouring the area by land, boat.
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>> we are going to be checking in cars, checking in sheds, looking in small places. i know everybody is checking for her but you never know. somebody could have missed a spot. >> reporter: the family is grateful and still very much full of hope. >> she is an absolute darling. and it's heartbreaking to everybody involved from the parents who are devastated and family, friends, teachers. she's touched a lot of people. >> reporter: again, investigators have retrieved home surveillance video showing that little girl running down the street in what is described as a happy run. she doesn't appear to be in distress. of course, that is a good thing. hundreds of people have helped in this search. we are told friends and family have come out to help, a lot of
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feet on the ground. the family is hoping that will mean she will be home safely soon. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we want to show you a brush fire along highway 237 in san jose. the fire broke out around 1:30 this afternoon. more than four hours later all westbound lanes remain closed. at one point both directions of 237 were shut down. smoke could be seen and smelled from miles away. a fire in a parking lot of one of the most popular malls in the bay area. three cars were totalled as shoppers looked on. work crews were using a torch to cut bolts when sparks ignited. flames engulfed the bushes and as you can see six cars parked in one of the lots. lowering the limit.
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a federal agency is asking every state in the country to lower the key number that determines whether you are too drunk to drive. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us live from san jose. the current level is .08. the feds want it down to .05. in terms of drinks what does that mean. >> reporter: we will talk about that in a moment. here the owner says it will be a while before he can tell how it is going to impact the patrons. we do know that the ntsb says changing the level could save about 1,000 lives a year and still critics say it criminalizes perfectly legal behavior. bartender says it will be hard to tell who is over the limit if the national transportation safety board is successful in getting states to lower the limit from a blood alcohol content from .08 to .05.
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>> i think i would have to have two drinks within an hour for .08. >> according to the ntsb alcohol is a factor in one out of every three deadly traffic crashes. in 2011, 10,000 people died in drunk driving crashes. 170,000 others were injured. >> every hour one person is killed. >> reporter: in addition to asking states to lower the dui limit the feds are asking for conviction for all offenders. >> reporter: i think . >> i think it is a great idea. the least amount of drunk drivers on the road the better off the city would be. >> reporter: the managing director said this recommendation is ludicrous further restricting the moderate
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consumption of alcohol by responsible adults prior to driving does nothing to stop -- bartender says it might be a while before people change their behavior. >> i think people are going to drink the same aamount as they usual do. >> reporter: he may be right. when the last recommendation was made from .1 to .08 it took about 20 years for all of the states in the nation to get on board. the ntsb can only suggest changes and cannot demand them. >> do you think lowering the bac limit to .05 will reduce drunk driving accidents? we are asking you to take part in our flash survey by texting us or tweet us at nbc bay area. despite the controversy and concern the show goes on. a green light for this summer's
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america's cup races. the announcement came this afternoon. a lot of speculation about whether the most prestigious sailing race in the world would go on after olympic medalist andrew simpson died during a training run on the bay last week when his artemis catamaran flipped over trapping him underneath. >> i look out there under the bridge in very moderate conditions. i think there is no doubt they can sale in those conditions. what we need to do is manage the expectations and the edges and at all times we have to look for the safety of the crew. >> the event organizers say that a panel of sailing and safety experts are looking into last week's crash and how to make upcoming races safer. cracked rods and unsafe bolts. the construction problems now have the attention of state lawmakers. the transportation and housing committee held a hearing to
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explore the problems with faulty materials. cal trans officials were put in the hot seat questioned about why parts were installed anyway. >> i have a lot of respect for many of the people who work for cal trans but i am vocal about my belief that there is some that are not trance parent and not responsive enough to the people they work for. >> calling for a third party investigation. it's guide books like this leading tourists to beautiful yet sometimes deadly destinations. also following angelina jolie's stunning announcement. we will show you how a bay area company is making a test more affordable. i'm jeff ranieri.
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the on shore flow coming back helping temperatures to cool off from san francisco down to free mont. we will have more cooling changes that will change this picture from clear skies to wide spread cloud cover. we'll let you know when it moves in coming up.
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it has been called hawaii's dirty little secret. we are talking about the number of drownings on one particular island icn hawaii. >> three people from the bay area died there already this year. >> reporter: drownings are the leading cause of death for visitors to hawaii but on the island the number has grown nearly 40% in the last decade. we believe local leaders believe
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more are dying there because people are being guided to once unknown locations. >> it was breath taking. >> reporter: breath taking views, enticing hawaiian waters and spectacular sunset. >> it happened so quickly. >> reporter: joy and her boyfriend and best friend travelled. they set out to explore a coast line covered by shells of lava rock. >> it was so close to adam when he got pulled in. >> reporter: but in a second with the crushing waves baker and griffith were gone forever. >> i knew i couldn't do anything. if they dispatched the helicopter right now it would be too late. >> reporter: several weeks later another bay area man died
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swimming in the waters. he had only been on the island for a few hours. >> we all had the illusion of safety. >> reporter: he witnessed another drowning. >> if i'm at sea level i'm not safe. >> reporter: he watched as his friend drowned and another came close to dying. >> i ducked. when the white out cleared both of my friends were gone. >> reporter: since january 11 people had drowned on the island. last year only four. >> a huge wall comes in. >> reporter: an emergency room doctor. >> the most common victim is a man in his 30s or 40s or 50s with children and all of a sudden the wife is a widdy and the children are without a father. >> reporter: the investigative unit discovered since 2003, 74% of those who drowned here were visiti visiti
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visiting. >> almost like a dirty secret. >> reporter: more than 100 have drowned on the island in the last decade. are the drownings happening at different locations that they weren't happening at 20 years ago? yes. the new locations are these rock ledges that no one knew about. >> reporter: why are they known now? >> there is a lot more information from blogs. >> reporter: the executive director of the bureau. in this spot known as queen's bath with 29 drownings to date it is so dangerous she refuses to give directions to it. >> everybody has the opportunity to post whatever they want. it is free speech so we understand that. but at the same time they want to make sure they are sending people to the right places.
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>> reporter: this is the location the visitor's bureau won't tell people about. you can see a warning sign but it is somewhat hard to see. walking down you will run into a steady stream of visitors. people of all ages who told us they found it by following a guide book. >> the picture in the guide has people swimming in the pool. >> we thought it was irresponsible for them to be guiding people to their deaths. >> reporter: state representative tried to hold guide books accountable? >> the reason i crafted that bill it was the ultimate guide book. >> reporter: the ultimate kauai guide book is the number one selling book online and book stores on the island they keep it in stock.
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>> it tells you where to access a lot of places you would never find otherwise. >> reporter: the investigative unit talked with him by phone. he agreed to an interview and cancelled hours later sending us this e-mail saying if the last four people that drowned on kuaii had our book and read it none would have died because we give warnings about those areas, warnings like you shouldn't consider this hike if the ocean is angry. a rogue wave can turn that second pool into a washing machine and turn you into a limp rag. officials say the warnings don't go far enough especially when the warnings show a child in the cove. we wanted to give doty another chance to address the issue so we went to his home. i came by --
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>> what are you doing at my house. >> reporter: i came by to see if you could answer a few questions about your guide book? >> i sent you an e-mail. >> reporter: you made great points. he refused to talk with us. joy choosays better warning would have made her understand how deadly that lava pool was. >> it shouldn't have to take death to be able to make changes like that. he is the most beautiful man i will ever know. >> reporter: and to learn more about some of the dangerous coast lines go to our website, it is right here. if you scroll down you see interactive map where you will find the locations of the drownings dating back to 1970. if you scroll down more you see graphs giving more information on ems calls on the island. what else is being done to make
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those remote locations safe. >> we look forward to seeing you again this evening. if you have a tip give us a call at 888-996-tips. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. a bit breezy out there. >> winds kicking up right now creating dangerous conditions at our coast line. 20 to 45 miles per hour. small craft advisory in place. waves about ten to 12 feet across our northern coast line. so that wind also creating drying conditions and also slightly offshore wind down for the south bay. 82 in san jose. a mix of upper 70s back for the east bay. that 90 in santa rosa really was a last minute jump for you. take a look at this from 4:53 this afternoon to 5:58.
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we had a six degree warmup in santa rosa. once again coming from the dry winds that help them to catapult up in less than one hour time. we take a look at our wednesday forecast. in san jose a little hazy but generally clear towards the east. no fog rolling in. smell of smoke from the grass fire going to linger for tonight. pretty hazy here as the marine layer tries to get going at the coast line drastically different conditions for parts of tomorrow. at the golden gate bridge it is clear but quite cloudy and foggy as we head into tomorrow at this hour. let's get you to our forecast. for tomorrow a little cloud cover at the coast line. a little haze here to start by the bay. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. by the noon hour we will have clear skies, upper 60s and low 70s. by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow everyone
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from the coast intoior valleys expecting increasing cloud cover and temperatures to cool off to the 70s. we get fog and drizzle as we head to thursday and by friday instead of 80s and 90s temperatures will be dropping to the low 70s inland and also at the coast line plenty of 50s. we will have more coming up in the seven day forecast on increased fire danger. still ahead google getting more musical. the announcement the search giant is expected to make tomorrow that could have you singing and dancing. why google's ceo is speaking out for the first time about his illness. and the new budget plan that could have a serious impact. and developing news on highway 237. this was a fire earlier this afternoon and caused traffic delays until ten or 15 minutes ago. four lanes of highway 237 were shut down until just about now.
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237 has been reopened westbound heading towards mountain view after a fire in san jose. we're back in a moment. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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a major cleanup project underway in san jose. city crews have removed a long time eye sore. city got hundreds of complaints about the graffiti. crews will move on and clean the bridge along 101. business is booming in downtown mountain view and that means parking is a challenge. city council is set to consider a pilot program with san francisco zip car tonight. zip car would operate up to four vehicles in the area which commuters could reserve as needed. city managers say more development and commercial
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activity. each shared car could eliminate from five to 20 private cars. there is a new soccer tournament in town. san francisco is helping to launch a tournament featuring homeless soccer teams from across the country. the goal is to help raise awareness of physical and mental health for the homeless. proceeds go towards funding the street soccer program in san francisco. the tournament takes place at justin herman plaza on june 22. parents say it is not safe enough for their children. the new research that may have you thinking twice about booking rooms at certain hotels. a small victory for o.j. simpson, what the judge says he can do. and prince harry tours the jersey shore. celebrity stunner. angelina jolie's candid medical ordeal that is providing guidance for other women.
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and inside a silicon valley company making genetic testing a lot easier.
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the stunning admission by oscar winning angelina jolie has triggered other women to address their own breast health issues. >> jolie wrote that she under went a preventative double mastectomy. she said she made the decision after she learned she had a high
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risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. now she says she is sharing her journey so other women can benefit from her personal experience. >> marianne favro joins us with a closer look at the breast cancer gene. >> it is called brca 1. it is a gene that we all have. when theymitate they can increase a woman's risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer and it is that risk that convinced angelina jolie to have both breasts removed. she says doctors told her she had an 87% risk of developing breast cancer and a 50% risk of ovarian cancer, the same disease that killed her mother. that is when she made the decision to have a double mastectomy. scientists discovered the breast cancer gene in the mid 90s.
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>> they are separate chromosomes but convey a high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer which is higher with brca 1 than brca 2 but in the same ballpark. about 20 times the average woman's risk of ovarian cancer. >> reporter: she says up to 35% of women opt to have a preventative double mastectomy. laurie wallace had the same surgery. she applauds jolie for sharing her journey. >> she is known for her body and she chose to have the surgery that fundamentally changes her body. she will have scars although hers should be pretty small. she is not going to have feeling in her chest like we don't afterwards. it is really amazing that she share that with us. >> reporter: surgery is not the only option. >> women whose risk is high may
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choose to consider it. screening is certainly a very acceptable alternative for high risk women and it really is their decision of which they prefer. >> reporter: she says for women who learn they have the inherited gene mutation the decision on how to minimize the risk is a personal one that should be addressed with their doctor but was glad such a high profile woman was brave enough to shed the light on the risk. you can find out if you have this gene mutation with a simple blood test but you want to check with your insurance company to see if they cover it. doctors recommend you get the test if your mother or sister was diagnosed before the age of 50. and you should ask if there are other risk factors. be sure to have the conversation with your doctor and get second opinions. >> it is a huge step forward to
6:33 pm
hear someone say i took this step. >> that turns the attention to genetic testing. it is expensive for a lot of people and some insurance companies don't cover it. >> that is changing in many ways. we want to turn things over to scott budman who has been looking at the issue of how much it costs. there is silicon valley companies that are making the initial genetic test a little more affordable. >> angelina jolie's news will likely inspire people to look into genetic testing. if they look hard enough they will find that it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. welcome to the new world of genetic testing, kits going out to the lab of silicon valley startup 23 and me which has a simple goal when it comes to your health. >> bringing genetic information to every day person. >> they do it with no insurance hoops to jump through.
6:34 pm
in return you get personal information you can act on. >> you can find out there is something you are at risk for and say it may change our lifestyle or talk to the doctor and see about the other tests. you are going to be your own best advocate. >> reporter: 23 and me named after the 23 pairs of chromosomes in a typical human cell launched its test back in 2007 costing close to $1,000. now as the price has dropped the amount of information they can find has gone way up and the more information you have, they say, the smarter you can be about your future. >> i think if more people take advantage of genetic testing they are in a position to prioritize their health care. if people know their own specific risks or resiliencies they can make choices about how they want to take care of themselves and improve their
6:35 pm
health and a time. this is the test itself. it comes in a box that you can order from the 23 and me website. they give you the results. call this a good starting point to see if it is time to call the doctor. >> good starting point. >> brad pitt says he was very emotional today and supportive that jolie went public with her information and news. we have extensive coverage with this story on our website. search angelina jolie to find the full article that she wrote in the "new york times." google ceo is opening up about a health issue. a problem with his vocal makes it difficult for him to speak and breathe at times. his left vocal cord has been paralyzed since he came down with a severe cold. that problem compounded last
6:36 pm
year when another cold affected his right vocal cord. the issue is not serious enough to prevent him from running the most influential companies. the white house defending itself in the latest round of controversies. >> fresh accusations that the obama administration abused its power, the biggest controversy continues to be the irs case. the justice department launched an investigation to see if there was criminal wrong doing. the irs admitted to specifically targeting tea party groups but the commissioner denies political or partisan motivation. republicans suspect white house involvement which the white house denied. >> where am certainly not aware of and confident that no one here was involved in this. >> meantime a new accusation that the obama administration violated constitutional rights
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after it got a secret subpoena to obtain phone records trying to figure out who in the administration might have leaked info about a foiled terror plot to bring down passenger jets. today russian authorities detained american ryan foggal. they say he tried to recruit a russian intelligence officer to the cia. he has been ordered to leave russia immediately. prince harry continued his u.s. tour today in new jersey. the prince spent part of his day with chris christie and meeting with victims and first responders. the prince also toured sea side heights where the storm swept the landmark roller coaster into the ocean. >> everyone is getting together and making things right. it is fantastic. >> reporter: after the prince's visit demolition crews finally started removing the roller coaster.
6:38 pm
prince harry and the governor played carnival games on the newly redone boardwalk. british prime minister dave cameron is in the states. today he visited one of the make shift memorials for the boston bombing. a small victory for o.j. simpson in day two of his attempt to win a new trial in his robbery and kidnapping case. the judge ruled today the 65-year-old football legend could have one hand unshacklinged to drink water and take notes. simpson is asking for a new trial saying his lawyer did such a bad job in 2008 when simpson was convicted for robbing two sports memorabilia dealers at gun point in las vegas. a member testified today and admitted mistakes were made. simpson may take the stand tomorrow. a sign of the times. still ahead here at 6:00 the
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length that one south bay teenager went to ask a girl to prom. also coming up google searches for the next big thing. the service that the internet giant may unveil tomorrow. and governor brown unveils his new budget. how it is expected to give education a new boost. i'm jeff ranieri. the pollen forecast remains moderate to high over the next 48 hours. a live look at the sky camera shows clear skies in free mont.
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the owners of drake's bay
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oyster farm today asked a federal appeals court to allow them to keep working. attorneys are seeking an injunction to allow them to stay open. back in november then interior secretary refused to extend the company's lease on national park land giving them 90 days to clear out. the owners of the company appealed the decision saying that salazar based his findings on flawed scientific reports. >> i feel like this is a chance maybe for our community to be able to keep their food supply, local agriculture and our 30 employees to keep their jobs. >> the three judge panel heard arguments from both sides today but did not issue a ruling. meanwhile the oyster farm continues to operate. education is the top priority governor brown said. $96 billion spending time
6:43 pm
provides more than additional $1,000 per student. nearly $2 billion to direct more money to schools with with disadvantaged students. state employees will not be seeing raises. brown indicated he is holding the line when it comes to salaries and setting aside a rainy day reserve fund and defending it fiercely. >> everybody wants to see more spending. this is a big spending machine. they need something come here and see if you can get it. i am going to keep this budgett balanced as long as i'm around here. >> brown is battling fellow democrats to say the state's tax revenue should extend cuts during the recession. >> he is captivating in a news conference. >> open and frank. >> could we inch it up a few degrees? >> maybe your wish for next week. we have temperatures going down as we head throughout the next
6:44 pm
couple of days. live look at the golden gate bridge shows fog free conditions. we'll let you know when the fog rolls back in. and i'm dave feldman. another busy day for bay area sports. we are talking giants baseball, warriors basketball and a little thing called playoff hockey. a preview of the sharks and kings. western conference semi-finals game one is next.
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google and music. music may be streaming in the background of google giant developer conference tomorrow in san francisco. it is rumored that google will among other things announce a new streaming music service. it would be a competitor to streaming services like pandora.
6:47 pm
scott budman will be at google io tomorrow. those self driving cars may not be on the road yet but it looks like americans are confident that they are safe. remember this? the blind man we showed you last year in the google car being tested. a new study by cisco shows more than half of americans surveyed would be willing to ride in the driverless car. the nearly same number of people would share personal information if it meant more customized. 48% say they would not let their kids do the same. nonsmoking hotel rooms don't fully protect you from tobacco pollution exposure. a new san diego state study found nonsmoking rooms in hotels where smoking is allowed is just as polluted with smoke as smoking rooms. researchers recommend new hotels
6:48 pm
promote total smoking bans. jeff ranieri with our weather forecast. >> i'm here for you. we have the wind here that is starting to change from a very dry offshore wind earlier today that did elevate our fire danger with two different grass fires beginning to shift more offshore. winds from ten to 12 miles per hour directly out of the west. that is dropping temperatures for the interior valleys of the east bay and south bay from 7 to 13 degrees cooler. yes this will have an impact for our temperatures for tomorrow. it will be cooling and we will have cloud cover at the coast line for the morning hours. 5:00 a.m. everyone starting at the low to mid 50s. by the noon hour a window of sunshine. that is a tease for you because we have major changes coming our way for wednesday. let's get you outside to that live hd sky camera network on this tuesday. san jose looking incredible for tonight. a lot of blue sky but still the
6:49 pm
smell of smoke in the air. a lot of smoke from a grass fire on highway 237 blew off to the south. emeryville a lot of haze, low level moisture getting stirred up. the marine layer is trying to get going. let's get to the forecast for the cloud cover. for tomorrow moerning it is not going to be a wide spread fog event for us but a few spots throughout santa cruz, san francisco, the north bay that will likely have our best chance for clouds. as we head throughout the afternoon hours, 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow everyone in the viewing area we are highlighting the counties. not only fog but also mid to high level stratus also pushing across the bay. that is going to help to keep temperatures cooler for us as we head throughout our wednesday forecast. as the fog gets going wind here throughout the afternoon hours from about 2:00 to 8:00 p.m.
6:50 pm
tomorrow gustiest winds from 40 to 50 miles per hour in the north bay. for tonight upper 40s and low 50s. coldest spot in the north bay. daytime highs on wednesday dropping off from five to seven degrees in the south bay. 73 in san jose. east bay 72. walnut creek with 75. you go by the bay, 60s in san francisco. 75 in santa rosa and 62 in pacifica. it stays dry when it comes to storm systems. by thursday the fog looks to build up so strong that we have a few areas of drizzle in the forecast. note the temperatures from 80s to 90 degrees today down to 70 by friday and 50s at the coast line. sunday, monday and tuesday we will likely have red flag fire warnings by next monday and tuesday with gusty winds. not what we need right now but
6:51 pm
let's hope for a slight forecast change by early next week. >> thank you jeff. let's get to sports. watching the sharks playoff game tonight or the warriors playoff game? >> i can't decide just yet. >> two screens. >> i'll watch whatever you are watching. >> feldy, what have you got? >> you have to watch both. she is big time. obviously she can watch both. san jose sharks versus the l.a. kings. the defending champion l.a. kings. the sharks ready and rested. head coach what do you have? >> you can't bank on the fact that you were up 3-0 or 2-2 in the series. it sarts all over again. there are moments from each game that you will use. there are some systematic differences. now and then type thing that we
6:52 pm
will use. but we have to have our team prepared to compete first of all. it has been a while since we have done that and be ready to go. there will be a big crowd that will be excited about the game and we will have to weather the storm early. >> all firearm possession charges have been dismissed against boxing champion. he appeared in court in new york with connection of his arrest at jfk airport. he pled guilty and was fined $250 and ordered to complete 50 hours of community service which he will be able to perform in his home state of california. it has been talked about for months and this afternoon the moment of truth melky cabrera received his world series ring. he was suspended 50 games last august for testing positive for
6:53 pm
testosterone. he received the ring in a hallway away from the media. cab rerra receiving the world series ring before the game. we didn't get to see him receiving it. barry zito had a rough first inning. angel pagan doesn't play it kingly. it is 3-0 toronto. later in the first. cabrera singles to left. zito allowed six runs, three earned. brandon belt deep shot to right center. fifth homer of the season made it 6-2. the giants fall by a final score of 10-3. the nba's all rookie team has been released and harrison barnes has made the list. he averaged nine points a game during the regular season.
6:54 pm
pouring in a career high 26 points in game four against the spurs. right now it is early in game five. spurs and warriors and the warriors are up by three. let's go back to you. >> we got them just where we want them. >> i will probably watch that now that he told me. >> we'll see you later on tonight. a lot going on in the bay area between the sharks and warriors. for a full half hour of local playoff coverage you can watch sportsnet central.
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she said yes! >> it is prom season and high
6:57 pm
schoolers always try to think of creative ways to ask the potential prom date. he made a 30 foot wide, seven foot tall billboard with with life sized photographs of him and his girlfriend. he presented the billboard on a flat bed truck on the school's front lawn. and she said yes. can't say no after that. >> let's see the sign. >> that is a big sign. >> i think they are going to have fun at prom. >> i didn't have a car in high school and this guy has a truck. >> i didn't get invited to prom. >> how is that possible? >> geeky nerdy i didn't. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank. easier banking. bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser.
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crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you. helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that.
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citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. --now on "extra" angelina's radical double mastectomy she hid from the world. >> angelina jolie. how she and brad told the kids today. >> do you have any comment about the bravery of your daughter? >> her fears on losing her mother to cancer. >> what was the best piece of advice she ever gave you? >> "extra" lifechanger kristi funk on the controversial procedure. >> i think it's worth the peace of minds. >> from giuliana rancic to sheryl crow. the stars react to angie's brave decision. >> she's going to help so many women. >> now trending -- shakeup on "the voice." which star coach is being replaced? >> then --